Natural Wonder Missing 130 Years is Found

Posted by on Saturday, July 1, 2017
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Pink and White Terraces were natural wonders of New Zealand.

The Pink and White Terraces were formed by upwelling geothermal springs containing a chloride water.

These two world-famous springs were part of a group of hot springs and geysers, chiefly along an easterly ridge this year named Pinnacle Ridge.

The Pink and the White Terrace springs were around 1,200 metres apart.

More than 130 years ago a volcano buried the site and it was through to be lost forever. On 10 June 1886, Mount Tarawera erupted.

After the eruption, a crater over 100 metres in depth encompassed the former site of the terraces.

There has been a discovers half the world away in Switzerland.

Up to now there was no record of its latitude or longitude.

German geographer Ferdinand von Hochstetter, had been commissioned by the Austro-Hungarian Empire to carry out research in the South Seas in 1859. 

He surveyed the Pink and White terraces.

There is now a request to the local Aboriginal tribe to undertake an excavation in the area.

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