National Weather Outlook for November 2

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Here is the national picture for Thursday:

Across Canada on Thursday we will see fair skies for Newfoundland.

A few sporadic showers is on the menu for the Southern Shores of Nova Scotia for New Brunswick and Southern Quebec, there will be snow in Northern Quebec and Western portions of Labrador.

Despite a ridge of high pressure over Lake Michigan, Southern Ontario will see some rain and snow for Northern Ontario.

Across the Prairies there will be widespread flurries. Much the same story for Inland British Columbia where flurries is expected. Coastal sections will see some rain.

It will be noticeably cooler across most of Canada from British Columbia through to Western Quebec as the jet stream is dipping south over the United States. Meanwhile Southern Quebec and Atlantic Canada is enjoying above seasonal temperatures as the jet stream in that portion of the country is well to the north.

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