Mud Geyser Threatens Highway and Railroad Track

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Tuesday, November 6, 2018

There is concern in in Imperial County, California, after a mud geyser that has been moving for about a decade has started to speed up and now it is threatening a highway.

It is also threatening rail tracks and officials have declared an emergency. It is so close to the tracks now that Union Pacific is using other routes.

This summer it moved 18 meters in just one day.

Efforts were underway to stop the mud geyser from spreading. Union Pacific built a steel wall to stabilize the area, however the mud geyser expanded on the other side.

Geysers are temporary geological features. Geysers are generally associated with volcanic areas. As the water boils, the resulting pressure forces a superheated column of steam and water to the surface through the geyser's internal plumbing. The formation of geysers specifically requires the combination of three geologic conditions that are usually found in volcanic terrain.

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