Migrants pack Trains to get to Europe as weather turns

Posted by on Monday, September 21, 2015

The weather has changed from heat to rain as migrants have begun packing trains to Europe.

The sense of desperation increased for migrants as days of intense heat gave way to rain.

Winds in the region are fairly light however heavy rain continues this week across the eastern Mediterranean with temperatures near 20 degrees.

13 people are dead after two migrant vessels sank in the eastern Mediterranean on Sunday.

So far 15,000 migrants crossed into Austria from Hungary and Croatia over the weekend. Austrian officials are now trying to find places for the migrants to stay as many camps are already overcrowded.

Croatia said some 27,000 migrants have entered the country since the surge started five days ago.

The small country of 4.2 million is struggling to cope, and is demanding that the European Union offer a unified response when it meets later this week.

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