Microbursts Cause Damage in Ontario

Posted by on Thursday, June 23, 2016

Strong thunderstorms moved across parts of south-central and eastern Ontario on Monday evening.

Environment Canada received several reports of nickel to golf ball-sized hail and wind damage in relation to the storms. The wind damage included snapped and uprooted trees, a number of barns damaged or destroyed and at least one silo destroyed. Hydro one reported approximately 27,000 customers lost power in some areas. 

There was a microburst or intense burst of wind with a peak gust of approximately 160 km/h that destroyed a silo north of Stirling.

There was some tree damage and downed hydro lines in a few locations along the eastern side of Belmont Lake. A boat house was shifted slightly and two metal boats were moved. Environment Canada said that the damage was also a microburst with an estimated wind speed of 100 km/h. 

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