Michael Causes Significant Damage and 15 Deaths

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Friday, October 12, 2018
Michael made landfall as a high-end Category 4 hurricane, with maximum sustained winds of 250 km/h, at 12:15 CST on October 10, in Mexico Beach and near Tyndall Air Force Base.

On October 10, Florida Governor Rick Scott stated that Michael was the "worst storm that the Florida Panhandle has seen in a century."

In Mexico Beach, many homes were flattened and several roofs landed on U.S. Route 98.

The National Guard rescued about 20 people, while it was estimated that as many as 285 residents of the small town may have stayed. Major damage occurred at Tyndall Air Force Base, with nearly every house at the base suffering roof damage. A wind gust of 208 km/h was recorded at the base.

Debris on Interstate 10 resulted in the roadway being closed between Lake Seminole and Tallahassee.

In Tallahassee, a number of trees fell across the city and approximately 110,000 businesses and homes were left without electricity, while a sewer system failed.

Two deaths occurred when trees fell onto homes with one death occurring Greensboro, Florida and another fatality in Seminole County, Georgia. Another tree fell on a car in Statesville, North Carolina, killing the driver.

he combined effects of the precursor low to Michael and a disturbance over the Pacific Ocean caused significant flooding across Central America.

At least thirteen fatalities occurred: six in Honduras, four in Nicaragua, and three in El Salvador.

Nearly 2,000 homes in Nicaragua suffered damage, and 1,115 people were evacuated.

A total of 253 homes were damaged in El Salvador, and 180 in Honduras. More than 22,700 people were directly affected throughout the three countries.

About 300 people evacuated in western Cuba due to the storm. About 70% of the offshore Isla de la Juventud lost power. High winds left 200,651 people without power in the province of Pinar del Río. Officials sent 500 power workers to the area to restore electricity.

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