Mega tsunami possible over Atlantic should Volcano collapse

Posted by on Thursday, October 15, 2015

We commonly associate tsunamis with the West Coast of North America, however in the Cape Verde Islands sits Fogo Island a volcano measuring 2,829 metres above sea level.

This volcano could collapse at anytime which would then send a 220 metre mega tsunami over the Atlantic Ocean according to scientists.

It is important to note that scientists don’t know if or when this is ever going to happen. But if it does the tsunami that would follow would be 11 times higher than the devastating 2004 Boxing Day tsunami which claimed more than 280,000 lives across south-east Asia.

It has happened before the volcano collapsed 73,000 years ago, sending 270-metre high waves across the ocean, because the seas were 50 metres lower than now at the time.

Fogo erupts approximately every 20 years, with the latest ending as recently as this February, the geologists said we urgently need to understand more about this process.

Scientists found boulders about the size of camper vans on Santiago Island flung 650 metres inland by the last tsunami wave.

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