Massive Sinkhole Prompts Evacuations

Posted by on Wednesday, December 28, 2016
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A 75 metre long, 30 metre wide sinkhole has formed in Fraser, Michigan back on Christmas Eve morning.

Officials say it formed after a sewer pipe burst 15 metres underground. Due to the sanitary sewer collapse on 15 Mile Rd and reduced flow through the sewer line, there is a possibility of sewer drain backups throughout the area, with higher risks in areas north and east of the sewer break. 

22 homes, all on one street, were evacuated.

The hole is still growing.

Gas and water have been shut off as engineers work to steady the sinkhole and start filling it back in.

Property owners should remove items from basement floors and take steps to monitor their basements. 

Fraser is home to a population of 14,480 people. It is a suburb of Detroit.

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