Maritime Roller Coaster of Temperatures and Precipitation

Posted by Christopher Poitras on Friday, December 14, 2018
Down Angle Photography of Red Clouds and Blue Sky

The Forecast for the Maritime Provinces is quite a wild one until next weekend.   There are some days that have sun, and some that have rain, and some that have snow.  Plus, some days have below average temperatures, some days with average Temperatures, and some with above average Temperatures.  

So what do we make of this stock market-type Forecast?  Well the general trend is that the temperatures will be above average on Saturday, and then drop to below average (in NB, and PEI), and average temperatures (in NS) until Thursday.  

Thursday is when the temperatures will change back to above average for most areas.  The sun will also come out and help to warm the temperatures for the weekend, next week.  

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