Landslide Near Muskrat Falls

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Monday, February 12, 2018
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Labrador Land Protectors are urging action following a landslide near North Spur in the vicinity of the Muskrat Falls Project.

There are concerns that putting the dam where it is will lead to a disaster since landslides along the river are common.

Nalcor argues that they have reinforced the North Spur dam significantly.

The company says that there is no safety risk and the landslide was not in any way due to the North Spur or Muskrat Falls.

Labrador Land Protectors are raising awareness and showing opposition to the Muskrat Falls Hydro Dam on February 12, at 4:30 beginning at MudLake Road.

The Muskrat Falls Generation Facility will consist of a dam, a spillway, and a powerhouse.

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