Kayaker Makes Startling Find of Florida Coast

Posted by on Saturday, December 31, 2016

A kayaker made quite a find back in November off the coast of Florida.

A python about two metres in length was found on an offshore platform.

The reptile is not native to the area. It was found in Biscayne National Park which is 95% water.

The park is home to mangroves, Biscayne Bay and its fish, the northern part of the Keys, and part of the world’s third-largest coral reef.

Burmese pythons are invasive snakes that have established a large breeding population. They are native to Southeast Asia. However, since the end of the 20th century, they have become an established breeding population in South Florida.

Although Pythons can swim, they are not aquatic animals. But they’re not regularly in open water. And they don't like salt water. 

The snake in question was grabbed by a python wrangler and was euthanized humanely.

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