Jelawat Becomes First Super Typhoon of 2018

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Saturday, March 31, 2018
Jelawat Geostationary VIS-IR 2018.png
Typhoon Jelawat has become the first Super Typhoon of 2018.

The storm intensified to a Category 4 equivalent typhoon.

Conditions gradually became more favorable for further development, resulting in Jelawat steadily strengthening and organization to a severe tropical storm at 18:00 UTC on March 28.

Later on March 29, an eye began to emerge within a growing central dense overcast, leading to the JMA classifying it as a typhoon at 00:00 UTC on March 30. Explosive intensification then ensued over the following 12 hours as the eye became sharply defined, and Jelawat attained its peak intensity later that morning, with estimated winds of 170 km/h and a central pressure of 935 hPa.

At the same time, the JTWC assessed it as peaking with maximum sustained winds of 240 km/h, making it a Category 4 super typhoon.

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