Is Uranium in Your Well Water?

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Monday, May 28, 2018
There are still several people in Newfoundland that use well water...

However, areas of the province interpreted to have higher risk of uranium in groundwater have been identified.

Naturally occurring uranium has very low levels of radioactivity. The chemical properties of uranium in drinking water are of greater health concern than its radioactivity. Most ingested uranium is due to food intake with lesser amounts
accumulated from water or from the air. Uranium mostly is rapidly eliminated from the body, however a small amount is absorbed and carried through the blood stream. 

It is recommended that all wells that provide drinking water be chemically tested for a standard list of parameters including uranium. If uranium is found above 0.020 mg/L, you can:
  • obtain bottled water for consumption.
  • treat the water, two of the most common methods being reverse osmosis and anion exchange.
  • switch to a dug well or surface water supply.

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