How Weather Affects Sales?

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Sunday, October 7, 2018
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Weather can play a large part when it comes to retail sales and pricing.

Some weather parameters such as hot, cold, and wet can determine how consumers buy and what they buy.

At times when the weather is warm and the sun shines, retailers will bring in new lines of product. If summer weather arrives early there could be summer products such as barbecue supplies, summer clothing, and camping equipment introduced early.

If summer sticks around longer, stores may have to discount their fall attire to clear the shelves for winter arrivals. 

On a rainy day, some people will choose to remain at home. At the same time some people will head to shopping malls to stay inside.

On wet days, people tend to eat more, food sales are typically higher.

When cold weather takes a grip people tend to turn to online shopping. One thing that doesn't suffer from cold weather is food.

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