How to Keep Bugs out of the Garden Naturally

Posted by on Monday, July 18, 2016

In Canada Summer is a time to get out into the garden. Flowers bloom, grass grows, and bugs invade.

All of that sounds wonderful, err except that last part. But before running for pesticides try these natural ways to diminish the little critters from eating your flowers.
  1. Place crushed up eggshells on the ground beneath the plants. This will send snails and slugs away without killing them.
  2. Use fencing similar to chicken wire to keep out rabbits and cats.
  3. Attract parasitic wasps to your garden by growing thyme. They will take care of smaller bugs.
  4. Many bugs hate the smell of garlic.
  5. Insects detest caffeine.
  6. Remove all decaying plant material from the soil.
  7. Let infested soil dry out.
  8. Re-plant your plants if necessary.

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