Hot across the Northwest Territories

Posted by on Wednesday, June 22, 2016

It has been hot across the Northwest Territories. Several high temperatures records were set. In fact, Hay River Nunavut was the warmest place in Canada on Tuesday.

A ridge of high pressure in the lower Mackenzie Valley allowed temperatures in the area to soar and for a few locations to break high temperatures records. 

New Record High Temperatures
Fort Smith 
New record of 30.9 
Old record of 30 set in 1919 
Records started in 1915 

Hay River 
New record of 31.6 
Old record of 28.9 set in 1955 
Records started in 1894 

New record of 28.4 
Old record of 27.6 set in 2011 
Records started in 1943

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