HMS Terror has been found

Posted by on Monday, September 12, 2016

Sir John Franklin's long-lost ship the HMS Terror has been found.

The long lost ship was found in a Nunavut bay.

the crew of the Arctic Research Foundation's Martin Bergmann research vessel found the shipwreck, with all three masts standing and almost all hatches closed.

Abandoned in sea ice in 1848 during a failed attempt to sail through the Northwest Passage, the HMS Terror was a bomb vessel that was either 326 or 340 tons, carried two mortars, one 13 in (330 mm) and one 10 in (250 mm).

HMS Terror was one of two ships that took part in Sir John Franklin's ill-fated Expedition in 1845, during which she was lost with all 129 men.

In 2014 the first ship, Erebus, was found.

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