History of the Meteorological Service of Canada

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The Meteorological Service of Canada was formed in 1871.

Prior to 1840, meteorological observations in Canada were made by private individuals and was not provided to the public.

In 1840, the British established an observatory in Toronto. In 1853 the Toronto observatory closed. However, the Canadian government took over the service and continued collecting climate data. On May 1, 1871, the Government of Canada established the Meteorological Service of Canada.

From 1936 to 1946 the services assigned to the Department of Transport as the Meteorological Division of the Air Services Branch' and as the Meteorological Branch from 1956.

In 1971 the Canadian Meteorological Service was established under the Department of Environment (Environment Canada) in 1971.

The Meteorological Service of Canada is a division of Environment Canada.

Today there is public weather forecast offices located in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Downsview, Montreal, Dartmouth, and Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador.

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