Historic Flooding in Peru

Posted by on Sunday, March 19, 2017

Over 70 people have died after flooding not seen in over two decades have hit Peru.

El Nino is being blamed for unusually heavy rains that have caused intense rains, overflowing rivers, mudslides and flooding.

The heavy rain has overflowed the drainage system.

Peru's health ministry has been fumigating water in the streets to kill mosquitoes that may carry disease.

Over the next few days parts of the North Coast of Peru, in places such as Piura and Chiclayo could end up with over 300 mm.

The climate of Peru is very diverse, with a large variety of climates and microclimates, including 30 of the 32 world climates. Such a diversity is chiefly conditioned by the presence of the Andes Mountains and the cold Humboldt Current.

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