High Risk of Forest Fires in NL

Posted by on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Parts of Newfoundland still has a high risk of forest fires.

Precipitation has been below normal so far this summer.

Areas under the high risk are along the south coast and the northeast coast.

Most areas of central are under a moderate risk.

A high risk means that weather conditions have continued to dry forest vegetation increasing the risk of wildfires occurring. Fires may start easily, burn quickly, and challenge fire suppression efforts. Caution should be exercised when conducting activities on forested land. Fire permits are suspended and open burning and industrial activities may be restricted.

A moderate risk means weather conditions are creating drier forest conditions. The risk of surface fires starting and spreading has increased. Wildfires may be expected, but control is usually not difficult. Activities on forested land should be conducted with caution.

Some rain is possible for this weekend, but it likely won't be enough to make a high difference.

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