High Rainfall Amounts expected in British Columbia

Posted by Christopher Poitras on Saturday, October 20, 2018
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In British Columbia, specifically the coastal areas including the city of Vancouver, and Victoria, the sunshine will finally come to an end starting Tuesday, with the sun not appearing again until next Monday.  The accumulations of precipitation, are expected to be around 70 mm of rain by the end of next Sunday.  With this, there is expected to be close 38 millimeters on Thursday, and another 27 millimeters next Sunday.  With these two days receiving the bulk of the rain, the other days will still see overcast skies, and a chance for rain.  

One positive is that the temperatures will stay in the low-mid teens, which is average for this time of year for this area.  Residents can expect a couple more days of sunshine however, until the rain comes in. 

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