Heavy Snow and Blizzard Conditions Across Southern Manitoba

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Thursday, March 14, 2019
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Heavy snow and blizzard conditions were observed in southeastern Manitoba thanks to a strong low pressure system in the Plains.

Environment and Climate Change Canada said that strong winds were creating snow drifts and blowing snow. This made measuring snowfall amounts challenging. 

The following is a summary of weather event information received by Environment and Climate Change Canada.
Summary of snowfall amounts: 
  • Woodridge: 20 cm
  • St. Labre: 20 cm
  • Rennie: 15 cm
  • West Hawk Lake: 10 cm
  • Piney: 10 cm
  • La Broquerie: 10 cm
  • Emerson: 10 cm
  • Sprague: 8 cm
  • Morden: 8 cm
  • Landmark: 8 cm
  • Pinawa: 7 cm

Based on ECCC Data

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