Government Shutdown Excludes NWS Meteorologists, But Why?

Posted by on Saturday, January 20, 2018

After both Republicans and Democrats failed to reach an agreement and as a result the U.S. government has shut down.

This means that most government employees in the United States are not working.

Some employees are deemed essential are have to report to work, without pay.

"Essential" operations pertain to national security, law and order, and emergency life-and-death services that keep basic elements of the government operational will continue to function.

This includes meteorologists at the National Weather Service.

This has caused some questions on social media such as, "with private companies why do we need the National Weather Service?"

Good question, the answer is really quite simple... most private weather companies rely on raw weather data from national weather services, things such as hourly data, radar, satellite, model data, and weather warnings all come from government sources.

Therefore it would be next to impossible for the private sector to continue to create weather forecasts.

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