Ghostly Tales of the Banff Springs Hotel

Posted by on Tuesday, July 5, 2016
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The Banff Springs Hotel is a luxury hotel that was built during the 19th century as one of Canada's grand railway hotels, being constructed in Scottish Baronial style and located in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Several notable guests such as Queen Elizabeth II, Marilyn Monroe, and Helen Keller have spent time there.
But it's not the high profile guests that people talk about... it's the ghostly tales that haunt the historic hotel.
There are accounts from hotel patrons and staff of ghostly encounters.
There is a ghost bartender who tells drunk guests to go to bed.

One story is about a ghost that supposedly haunts room 873 on the eighth floor. Some say that a man murdered his family before committing suicide. The wife and daughter is still seen. Also those staying in the room report being awoken in the night by violent shrieks. Hotel management sealed off the room.

There is apparently a man who worked there in the 1970's still open and close elevator doors, hotel guests being helped by an old man, and strange lights.

Then there is the phantom bride. As he bride ascended a marble staircase her wedding gown brushed against one of the candles and caught fire. In the panic that ensued, the bride tripped over her wedding dress, fell down the flight of marble stairs, broke her neck and died.

The hotel officially denies all ghost stories.

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