Fire moving away from Fort McMurray, danger far from over

Posted by on Friday, May 6, 2016

According to an official the Fort McMurray wildfire could double in size by end of Saturday.

At present the fire is 101,000 hectares and is raging away from Fort McMurray heading northeastward.

The newest information is that 12 structures are gone in Anzac, spot fires remain. However, the fire is under control. The fire has not reached Gregoire Lake Estates/Fort McMurray First Nation. Crews are working to prevent it from spreading.

The RCMP is currently escorting convoys of evacuees from sites north of town. There will be no diversions into the city — the convoys will stay on Highway 63 southbound. This is expected to take approximately four days.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that "Our matching of individual donations to Red Cross Canada will backdate to May 3rd and continue to May 31, without a cap."

"The city of Fort McMurray is not safe to return to and this will be true for a significant period of time," Premier Rachel Notley said.

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