Fairies in Newfoundland

Posted by on Tuesday, July 26, 2016

If you grew up in Newfoundland chances are you have heard of fairies. Supposedly the Island is full of them. Some people in Newfoundland swear that they have been led astray by the mythical creatures.

The stories date back to the Scottish, Irish and English in the 1600's.

Most fairies are troublemakers and play tricks on people.

There have been reports of people picking berries will hear fairy music. Fairies have been known to join children for tea, and can even take people away and drown them in the sea. 

Fairies are meant to be respected. When traveling it is recommended that you keep bread in your pockets, or turn an article of clothing inside out. Money is also a charm. Some locals pin silver coins to their clothing or place coins inside baby carriages.

Of course, this is all folklore.

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