Environment Canada Confirms Tornado in Alberta

Posted by on Saturday, July 2, 2016

Thursday was a very active day and evening across Alberta.

Environment Canada has confirmed that there was a tornado near Ponoka, Alberta. Meteorologists were tracking a dangerous rotating storm near Ponoka. There were many storm spotter reports of a funnel cloud as well as some damage. 
A storm damage survey was performed by Environment and Climate Change Canada staff on Friday July 1. A preliminary assessment of the damage caused by this storm has led the meteorologists to conclude that an Enhanced Fujita Scale Zero (EF0) tornado with peak winds up to 130 kilometres per hour occurred near Ponoka at approximately 5:10 pm MDT June 30. 
There was damage to 5 homes, one holiday trailer, and a housing construction site. Environment Canada want pictures of the tornado or damage it may have caused.
There was also a funnel cloud west of Carstairs.
Summary of Hail size in millimetres: 
Picture Butte: 45 
Claresholm: 45 
Calgary: 24-38 
Okotoks: 29 
Rocky Mountain House: 27 
Suffield Military Base: 27 
Lethbridge: 24 
4.5 miles SE of Warburg: 21 
Airdrie: 21 
Summary of Rainfall amounts in millimetres: 
Strathmore: 30 (in 15 minutes) 
Summary of Peak Wind Gusts in kilometres per hour: 
Verger: 94 
Schuler: 104
Based on EC Data

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