Environment Canada unveils new BC weather sub regions

Posted by on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologists will now have the ability to issue weather forecasts and alerts for more detailed regions.

It is worth noting that when similar weather conditions are expected across the smaller regions, they will be grouped into the larger forecast region and have identical forecasts.

With the new smaller forecast regions, meteorologists will now be able to issue more targeted alerts. For example, instead of issuing a heavy rainfall warning for all of Metro Vancouver, we can now focus our warnings for specific sub regions such as the North Shore and Northeastern sections of Metro Vancouver.

The following six weather forecast regions have been subdivided into smaller regions:
  • Metro Vancouver
  • East Vancouver Island
  • Fraser Valley
  • Fraser Canyon
  • Sunshine Coast
  • North Coast – Inland

Previously, all municipalities within Metro Vancouver received the same weather forecasts and alerts. We now have the ability to provide more detailed forecasts and targeted alerts for the five following smaller regions:
  • City of Vancouver - including Burnaby and New Westminster
  • North Shore - including West Vancouver and North Vancouver
  • Metro Vancouver - northeast including Coquitlam and Maple Ridge
  • Metro Vancouver - southwest including Richmond and Delta
  • Metro Vancouver - southeast including Surrey and Langley

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