Environment Canada confirms 2 tornadoes in Ontario

Posted by on Thursday, August 25, 2016

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Chisesi

Environment Canada has confirmed the 6th and 7th tornadoes of the year in Ontario.

Environment Canada issued a tornado warning for Windsor - Essex - Chatham-Kent on Wednesday evening.

Two tornadoes struck Essex County.

The first was around 7:06 PM, a supercell thunderstorm developed rapidly over the Detroit River to the west of LaSalle. The tornado that affected LaSalle was an Enhanced Fujita Scale 1 (EF1) tornado with peak winds between 135 km/h and 175 km/h. The maximum width of damage was 250 to 300 metres and the length of the track was 2 kilometres.

The second tornado formed in the Windsor area with the worst damage occurring in the vicinity of the E.C. Row Expressway and Central Avenue. This storm was rated on the Enhanced Fujita Scale as an EF2. Peak winds between 200 and 220 km/h. The maximum width of this tornado was 200 metres and the length of the track was 8 kilometers. 

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