Earth 2.0 found in NASA Kepler telescope

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This artistic concept depicts one possible appearance of the planet Kepler-452b, the first near-Earth-size world to be found in the habitable zone of star that is similar to our sun.

NASA has discovered a new planet that may be a suitable candidate to be Earth 2.0. The new planet orbits at roughly the same distance from its sun as the Earth does.

NASA says the planet is very similar to earth. The only difference is that it is about 60% larger than our earth. The radius of earth is 6,371 km. Scientists said they believe it is the most Earth-like planet yet.

The planet is the right distance from its sun to host liquid water on their surface.As a result it may be hospitable to life.

Scientists looking at data from the Kepler observatory have announced the discovery of 500 new possible planets around distant stars.

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