Discovering the Chichén Itzá

Posted by on Friday, March 4, 2016

Chichén Itzá located on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula is a world-famous complex of Mayan ruins.

 A massive step pyramid known as El Castillo dominates the 6.5-sq.-km. ancient city, which thrived from around 600 A.D. to the 1200s.

Graphic stone carvings survive at structures like the ball court, Temple of the Warriors and the Wall of the Skulls. Nightly sound-and-light shows illuminate the buildings' sophisticated geometry.

The Maya civilization developed within the Mesoamerican cultural area, which covers a region that spreads from northern Mexico southwards into Central America.

During the 9th century AD, the central Maya region suffered major political collapse, marked by the abandonment of cities, the ending of dynasties, and a northward shift in activity. The cause was likely a combination of endemic internecine warfare, overpopulation resulting in severe environmental degradation, and drought.

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