Climate Change Threatens Road Connected to Major Oil and Gas Reserves

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Tuesday, December 26, 2017
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In extreme southern Louisiana is Port Fourchon.

Port Fourchon is a short distance off Louisiana Highway 1, the road to Grand Isle, via Louisiana Highway 3090.

It is the southernmost point of Louisiana accessible by automobile.

The road is surrounded by water on either side and it a vital link to oil and gas off the coast.

Climate change is threatening the area.

As of mid-2008, $350 million from state bonds and federal assistance has been budgeted to begin replacing a 27-km stretch of LA 1, the road into Port Fourchon, because that part of the highway is not inside the hurricane levee system that protects inland communities, and the highway is prone to flooding from storm surge, even from tropical cyclones some distance away.

The replacement will be an elevated highway that can stand up to a major storm and remain open even if the land around it floods.

An 11-km section of the project from Leeville to Port Fourchon, including a higher bridge across Bayou Lafourche was completed in 2011; this segment is funded by tolls.

The bridge over Bayou Lafourche, funded by tolls, opened July 8, 2009.

Funds have not been secured for the segment between Golden Meadow and Leeville.

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