Cindy Causes Flooding & Tornado

Posted by on Friday, June 23, 2017

Photo: Twitter/Jacqueline Quynh

What was once Tropical Storm Cindy made landfall Thursday in southwestern Louisiana.

The storm has caused substantial damage in some areas.

The National Weather Service confirmed that the storm spawned EF2 tornado on Thursday afternoon that left one person injured and damage in areas southwest of Birmingham, Alabama.

Floodwaters began to invade a the community of Lafitte in Louisiana, prompting the Mayor to urge people to flee their homes.

Mayor Tim Kerner said the rising water may impact homes and vehicles in the town south of New Orleans, and issued a voluntary evacuation for all residents.

FEMA distributed 125,000 meals and 200,000 liters of water in advance of the storm.

There were also multiple road closures.

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