Captain James Cook

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Captain James Cook was a British explorer, navigator, cartographer, and captain in the Royal Navy.

He was born on November 7, 1728, in Marton, in the United Kingdom.

He is perhaps best known for his surveying ability.

He surveyed the northwest stretch of Newfoundland in 1763 and 1764, the south coast of the Burin Peninsula and Cape Ray in 1765 and 1766, and the west coast in 1767. At this time Cook employed local pilots to point out the "rocks and hidden dangers" along the south and west coasts. During the 1765 season, four pilots were engaged at a daily pay of 4 shillings each: John Beck for the coast west of "Great St Lawrence", Morgan Snook for Fortune Bay, John Dawson for Connaigre and Hermitage Bay, and John Peck for the "Bay of Despair".

His five seasons in Newfoundland produced the first large-scale and accurate maps of the island's coasts and were the first scientific, large scale, hydrographic surveys to use precise triangulation to establish land outlines.

Cook died on February 14, 1779, in Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii, United States.

In Corner Brook on Crow Hill Road sits Captain James Cook Historic Site which offers an impressive view of the City of Corner Brook.

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