Cancun Underwater Museum

Posted by on Friday, September 4, 2015

There is an underwater museum in Cancun, Mexico. The Cancun Underwater Museum features a over 500 life-sized, underwater sculptures by artist Jason deCaires Taylor, and is located within Isla Mujeres National Marine Park, of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

Three galleries have been created, two underwater and one on the land. MUSA obtained a permit to sink 1,200 structures in 10 different areas within the National Marine Park. So far only two have been developed, Manchones reef with 477 sculptures and Punta Nizuc with 23 beautiful structures.

The main focus of the museum is to benefit the protection of the coral reefs. Artificial reefs are usually created by sunken ships and other objects that have fallen to the bottom of the ocean floor.

The statues are a new technique and material for coral to grow and collect. Art was seen as saving the oceans.

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