Canadian Shipwrecks

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From the first explorers to Canada to today we all have an attachment in once way or another to the sea.

Many ships have met their doom in the water. Here is a lost of 10 Canadian shipwrecks.

The SS Anglo Saxon was a British Allan liner that ran aground off Cape Race, with 237 deaths on April 27, 1863.

In British Columbia on December 27, 1925, the Cowichan steamship sank in a collision with Lady Cynthia near the Whyte Rocks.

SS Ithaka was a cargo ship that ran aground near Churchill, Manitoba on 14 September 1960.

The MS Transport suffered an internal explosion off Miscou Island on October 30, 1951.

A Newfoundland Railway ferry the SS Caribou was torpedoed by U-69 off Port aux Basques in October of 1942.

An Arctic exploration ship the HMS Investigator became trapped in the ice at Mercy Bay. The wreck was rediscovered in 2010. It happened on June 3, 1853.

SS Arrow was an oil tanker that ran aground off Isle Madame on 4 February 1970.

The HMCS Clayoquot was torpedoed by U-806 near Sambro Island Light on December 24, 1944.

RMS Empress of Ireland, a transatlantic ocean liner, was hit by the coal freighter SS Storstad on May 29, 1914, in the Saint Lawrence River and sank with heavy loss of life.

In 1881 the Victoria, a ferry, sank near London, Ontario with the loss of 181 lives.

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