Canada's Climate Zones

Posted by on Thursday, November 24, 2016

Canada is huge, as we are the second largest nation on earth it is no surprise that we have very different weather from one place to the next.

Most of Newfoundland and the Maritimes, along with Southern Ontario have a humid mid-latitude climate which brings warm summers, cold winters, and precipitation throughout the year.

The Prairies have an interior continental climate featuring light precipitation, hot winters, and cool or cold winters.

Mountainous regions of Alberta and British Columbia have a high altitude climate which varies with the altitude of the mountains.

Along the Pacific Coast, a temperature maritime climate prevails featuring many rainy days, mild winters, and warm summers.

In Canada's north, including Labrador and most of Northern Quebec, a sub-arctic climate brings light precipitation, long cold winters, and cool summers.

In the high arctic there is light precipitation, long cold winters, and short cool summers.

Southern Canada is classified as “temperate” meaning that it has four seasons. Winter is evident in all zones, except the Pacific, where warm winds promote a mild, rainy climate year-round.

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