Can Weather Influence Your Sleep?

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Man Wearing Green Printed Crew-neck Shirt While Sleeping

As the days get shorter we get less and less sunlight. Less sunlight has an impact on the amount of Vitamin D we receive.

Vitamin D is important for bones and muscles, and it’s also involved in serotonin production, which is important for many functions including our sleep-wake cycles.

The main source of Vitamin D is sunlight.

If we don't get sunlight then we aren't getting as much Vitamin D as we need.

Research has shown that the lack of sunlight may influence serotonin levels, leading to increased feelings of depression and fatigue as well as overeating.

Lower vitamin D intake is associated with daytime drowsiness, and changes in light-dark cycles can also affect when your body releases melatonin making you feel tired earlier or later than usual.

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