California Wildfire Creating Its Own Weather

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Wednesday, August 1, 2018
A pyrocumulus cloud from the August 2009 Station fire in southern California

We saw similar stories with the Fort McMurray wildfire, now we are seeing it with wildfires in California.

The wildfires are creating their own weather.

There have been reports of pyrocumulus clouds and even tornadoes from within the fires.

Images emerging on social media show a steel pipe wrapped around a tree, trees uprooted, and other damage.

Large fires can form pyrocumulus clouds. Pyrocumulus clouds are a dense cumuliform cloud associated with fire or volcanic eruptions that may produce dry lightning.

The wildfires are ripping through Northern California, destroying homes and forcing people to flee.

So far six people have died and over 800 homes have been destroyed.

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