Blistering Heat for Eastern Canada

Posted by James Follett on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

From Soaker to Scorcher! If you are in the NE states, Eastern Canada (excluding Newfoundland) Sorry! then prepare yourselves for record unusual heat to dominate much of the East coast for the remainder of this week! 

A very large ridge of High pressure, currently located over Florida, this is pushing all the clouds and moisture far north of the high, bringing them over into the Great Lakes and down into parts of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. 

North of that high, is a blocked Low pressure sitting over Northern Newfoundland, this is what is responsible for the clouds, drizzle & fog. But also some peeks of sunshine. This will help keep the blistering heat south into Nova Scotia.

Many areas of Ontario to Nova Scotia will see highs getting into the lower and mid 30's! something more typical for July! For Southern Nova Scotia where 30's is very rare and only occur once or twice every few years, you will get your likely very first May 30 degree reading!

Not only will there be Heat, but also humidity! Areas who reach lower to mid 30's will feel closer to 35-40! Areas near the water who might be shy of 30, but still hit the mid and upper 25's will feel like lower to mid 30's with humidex.

If you don't like the heat then don't worry, a cold front will be swinging by on Friday into the long weekend with a risk of some thunder showers, and drier cooler air. Highs will be back to near seasonal, which is in the mid and upper 15's. as get into the weekend.

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