Bell Island

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Bell Island is located on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The area measures 9.7 km in length and 3.5 km in width, it has an area of 34 km². It has an elevation of 120 metres.
Bell Island has three communities, the largest of which is the incorporated town of Wabana. 

The provincial government operates a ferry service from Portugal Cove to Bell island daily. It is primarily used by commuters who work in the St. John's metropolitan area.

Bell Island is thought to have been settled by Maritime Archaic and/or Dorset people.

The first European inhabitants settled during the 18th century and attempted to farm and fish, with the island having a subsistence economy throughout much of the 19th century. The first recorded settler was an Englishman, Gregory Normore, in 1740.

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