Atlantic Canada Plagued by Slow-Moving Low

Posted by on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

An area of low pressure that is presently over Ontario will move into Quebec Thursday and the Maritimes on Friday.

Rain is expected in southern Quebec early on Thursday morning. 

Areas north of the St. Lawrence river will likely see a rain-snow mix, while some areas will stay as snow.

Western New Brunswick will begin to see some rain by Thursday afternoon there is a slight possibility of seeing some snow mixing in, over extreme western New Brunswick.

At the same time, an area of high pressure that is stationed over Newfoundland will drift off toward the northeast. As it does so some snow will move into Labrador on Thursday night and some rain will move on to the West Coast and Central portions of Newfoundland.

For the Great Northern Peninsula, some snow and some freezing rain is possible.

The area of low pressure will continue to be slow to move out the region. We will see some clearing on Saturday night.

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