Are Drone's Dangerous to Aircraft's?

Posted by on Monday, June 27, 2016

The use of drones are rising in popularity. For most people drones can be a fun activity. However when used incorrectly drones can cause a catastrophic event.

Using drones near airports can cause a lot of problems. The biggest problem is the risk that a drone can be sucked into an aircraft engine, much the same way that a bird can. A bird strike on an airliner causes engine failure. A drone can also cause damage to the windshield or fuselage of an aircraft.

A recent collision between a British Airways passenger jet and a drone over London left the plane undamaged but the aviation industry deeply shaken.

About one in every five aircraft that hit a bird weighing around two kilograms experienced at least minor damage. There was at least one person injured in the collision for every 500 aircraft struck by a 2-kilogram bird.

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