Are Cell Phones Dangerous?

Posted by on Monday, January 2, 2017

Cell phones may have the potential to cause certain types of cancer or other health problems.

Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy. A form of non-ionizing radiation, from their antennas. Tissues nearest to the antenna can absorb this energy. And yes, even though we don't see antennas on cell phones anymore they still have antennas.

Exposure to ionizing radiation, such as from x-rays, is known to increase the risk of cancer. However, although many studies have examined the potential health effects of non-ionizing radiation from radar, microwave ovens, cell phones, and other sources, there is currently no consistent evidence that non-ionizing radiation increases cancer risk.

The number of cell phone calls per day, the length of each call, and the amount of time people use cell phones have increased.

Globally there are an estimated 5 billion cell phone users.

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