Apps and Too Far to Predict

Posted by on Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It seems to be a joke of many that if you want someone to blame for the bad weather then blame the meteorologists.

However it is quite possible that the meteorologist is in fact not to blame.

With increasing use of smartphones many of us are downloading weather apps onto our phones and tablets that is capable of giving us a weather forecast for any location on Earth for several days in advance. With the weather app on your phone it seems as though the majority of these weather apps simply don't measure up, it is only a forecast based on a weather model and not actually created by a forecaster but rather is computer-generated.

Recently a private weather forecasting company has made the claim that they can forecast weather for 90 days into the future. However most meteorologists refute this claim saying that the weather is far too chaotic to forecast for 90 days in advance and the only thing the 90-day forecast is based on is historical averages.

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