Another Winter Storm to Impact Atlantic Canada

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Maritime Provinces are clearing out this morning.

Across the west coast of Newfoundland there is some occasional flurries but otherwise the weather this morning is not too bad. The Avalon is receiving rain and strong wind this morning.

Another intense winter storm is expected to impact the Atlantic Canada beginning overnight.

New Brunswick
Snow will spread across the province late overnight. Southern sections along the coast may see some rain. 15 to 25 centimetres of snow is expected for northeastern New Brunswick including the Acadian Peninsula. Snow and ice pellet accumulation may reach 15 centimetres by Monday evening four the south. Winds gusting between 90 and 110 km/h are expected to develop along the Bay of Fundy coastline Monday afternoon.

Prince Edward Island
Snow will spread across the province late overnight. Snow will change to rain late in the day on Christmas Day. 15 centimetres of snowfall is expected by late afternoon for Prince County. Elsewhere less than 15 centimetres is likely.

Nova Scotia
Snow will spread across the province late overnight. Snow will change to ice pellets and then rain by Christmas Day Evening. Winds are expected to gust up to 110 km/h over southern, elsewhere winds gusting to 90 km/h are expected. 

Some areas of northern Newfoundland may receive significant amounts of snow, 15 to 20 cm is possible.
Elsewhere precipitation will begin as snow and then change to ice pellets and or freezing rain and then to rain. Precipitation will begin near noon on Monday. Additionally strong winds gusting over 100 km/h is likely.

Over eastern Labrador snow is expected with amounts of 20 to 30 cm possible. 

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