Alberta Clippers and Colorado Lows

Posted by on Friday, December 16, 2016
In Winter you typically hear the term Alberta Clipper and a Colorado Low. But what do they mean?

Here is the answer.

An Alberta clipper is a fast-moving winter weather system originating in the lee of the Canadian Rockies that typically brings snow, high winds, and cold temperatures across the Prairies.

Snowfall amounts with these systems tend to be small. Occasionally the clippers, when reaching the Atlantic seaboard, 'bomb out' and can cause severe winter weather along the coast as Atlantic moisture is tapped.

A Colorado low is a low pressure that forms in southeastern Colorado or northeastern New Mexico, typically in the winter. After forming, the system moves across the Great Plains.

If upper level conditions are right, the jet stream can push the low farther south, bringing wintry precipitation as far as Texas. 

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