After Being Destroyed by a Storm, Azure Window Could Get Second Shot

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Thursday, January 10, 2019
Azure Window 2009.JPG

The Azure Window, also known as the Dwejra Window, was a 28-metre-tall natural arch on the island of Gozo in Malta.

The limestone feature, which was in Dwejra Bay close to the Inland Sea and Fungus Rock, was one of the island's major tourist attractions.

That was until it collapsed in stormy weather on 8 March 2017.

Now, it may get a revival. 

Russian architect Svetozar Andreev of Hoteì Russia, in collaboration with Elena Britanishskaya, announced a proposal to construct a steel structure on the site of the Azure Window.

The project consists of a structure with polygonal mirrored steel faces, having its size and proportions based on that of the former natural arch. The structure is to include five floors containing over 5,000 m2 of exhibition space, with each floor representing a period of Maltese history.

A central spiral will connect the floors together.

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