Adverse Weather Conditions and Storm Surges Anticipated

Posted by on Thursday, December 29, 2016

The provincial government has issued a public advisory for Friday's storm.

The Department of Municipal Affairs, Fire and Emergency Services (FES) is monitoring Environment and Climate Change Canada forecast information on an approaching weather system.

High waves are expected to develop along the southwest coast of the island ahead of this system. Current guidance suggests that areas at the highest risk for impacts due to waves are low-lying coastal areas from Port aux Basques to La Poile during high tide Friday morning.

Also with strong wind and heavy rain on the way FES encourages residents to be cautious around coastlines and waterways during this time period. Municipalities should ensure infrastructure such as roads, ditches, and drains are clear of debris, and appropriate provisions are made for the delivery of services in the event the weather has a greater effect than anticipated.

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