Active Weekend in Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Posted by on Monday, June 20, 2016

It was a very active weekend weather-wise across Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

In Manitoba severe thunderstorms with heavy downpours to areas along and north of the Trans-Canada Highway. There were reports of large hail were and a brief funnel cloud halfway the ground was spotted 8 km southeast of Selkirk. There were also wind gusts from 70 km/h to 80 km/h.

Saskatchewan say active on Sunday as well. There were reports of a funnel cloud at 11:25 AM CST, 2 km north of Bruno. Numerous reports of additional funnel clouds followed for the area between Humboldt, Saint Brieux and Naicam over the next couple hours, with the last report 8 km east of Saint Brieux at 2:10 PM CST. 

Environment Canada said there were two touchdowns. One approximately 10 km west of Naicam, lasting about 5 minutes. And a second on the northern edge of the Naicam townsite, lasting about 3 minutes. There was no damage.
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